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RE: sewing cards

In message Mon, 22 Aug 1994 09:21:59 -0400, Bryan.Draper@mvs.udel.edu  writes:

> Awhile ago, someone made reference to sewing cards.  I have a vague sense
> of what they are, but could someone give me a more concrete description?

What do you mean by sewing cards? One description I have is a sample to view
different sewing pattens on. They are usually made of card stock or thin
board and have holes punched through them in a manner made to looklike
sections. If sewing on tapes, punch your holes where you would if it were a
book, keeping the spacing between the "sections" even, then begin sewing
with your tapes in place. It will show you how the thread travels, and also
works with cords, slips, and is especially good for unsupported sewing

Betsy Palmer Eldridge gave a fantastic presentation on unsupported sewing
variations at the GBW's Standards Seminar in Boston this past year. Her
cards were about 2 x 3 feet and she used different colors of rope to
demonstrate. This made it very easy to follow. Many of these were for
longstitch patterns of varying complexity. Her presentation was reviewed in
both the GBW Newsletter and Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
Newsletter, and should also appear in the GBW Journal.

Peter D. Verheyen
Rare Books Conservator
B-39 Olin Library
Cornell University Library
Ithaca, NY 14853
607 / 255-2484

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