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Re: Jade 403

Could someone comment on the "aroma" that comes from Jade 403?  I don't 
smell anything personally, but others(non-bookbinders) have commented on 
the smell.  I've requested a material safety data sheet, but in the mean 
time I thought I might make use of this forum.  Is the oder harmful or 
just a necessary nuisance?  Comments and/or advice are appreciated.

   It normally (to me) has a fairly neutral, but noticable smell.

  If what they're smelling is a sweet, (and to me) vaguely apple-like odor, we 
  were told that this indicated the presence of some quantity of the vinyl 
  acetate monomer, which was *not* a good thing, and we would be well advised to   return the offending batch to the vendor or manufacturer. Apparently vinyl 
  acetate has been implicated in nasal cancer, and possibly other things as well.

  (The source of this information is Daniel Kelm, during his 
   workshop/presentation on boxmaking at the GBW Standards conference in
   San Francisco in 1992)

  So yes, it has a (faint) odor, but it shouldn't be sweet-smelling. Hope this

Maggie Young

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