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Re: Jade 403

Although I haven't the faintest idea what a "Jade 403" is, I have a suggestion
re: safety and art materials.  My guess would be that you already have these
volumes close at hand (although in light of the recent art v. craft debacle,
one must not assume anything).  Of course, I haven't caffeinated sufficiently
this morn to properly cite author and title, but there are is an excellent
volume on hazardous art materials.  The title is something to the effect of
"Safety manual for artists" or something of that ilk. Actually, there are 2
such volumes, and my roommate the artist finds them indispensible (although I'm
not too certain that he really follows the advice therein, but rather is secure
in the knowledge  that various bad smelling things really are bad for you.)  At
any rate, these volumes may provide info that the manufacturer of said "jade"
thingamabob does not include.  Surprising, but even in these days of class-
action suit paranoia, the manufacturer's don't always envision all of the
scenarios that one might be using their product in.
               At any rate, I wish you good luck and wishes that the bad smell
                is,indeed, merely a bad smell.

               Rebecca Stone
               The American University Library,
               Washington, D.C. rs4508a@american.edu

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