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Re: Jade 403

On Sun, 28 Aug 1994 AFRICA@HULAW1 wrote:

> I have heard others complain of the smell, but I am too used to it to 
> notice.  Some people apparently get headaches from it, but that may be 
> just anectodal report, not scientifically substantiated.  As is often 
> the case, sensitivity to PVA perhaps could increase over time due to 
> prolonged exposure, but I've been using it for seven years.
Dear Listmembers,    I've lurked this list since its inception, though I 
am a bookdealer and not a bookworker per se. However, I have watched the 
discussion of "JADE 403" with some alarm. Twenty years ago, in another 
incarnation, I sold safety eqipment to the chemical industry. PVC is one 
of the most important plastics and it is polymerized in huge kettles. 
Workers complained of headaches and nasty smells when cleaning out those 
kettles and no one cared in the 50's and 60's until they started dying of 
a rare form of liver cancer. It was determined that unpolymerized 
residues of PVM were causing the odor and the cancer and the industry 
totally changed its manufacturing standards to protect the workers. I am 
not a chemist and I may be a busybody, but I should think you would want 
to look into anything giving you headaches, etc. If the monomer 
of poly vinyl chloride [PVA/PVC] was a problem, might there not be a problem 
with poly vinyl acetate [PVA], as well?
    In any case, forgive my interference,

Charles Vilnis       Boston Book Co.

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There is another useful work that contains a number of recipes for home-
made inks, including printing inks and typewriter ribbon inks: *Henley's
Formulas for Home and Workshop*, ed. Gardner D. Hiscox (New York: Avenel).
This book first appeared in 1907 and was revised in 1927.  The 1979 edition
I have is a facsimile of the 1927 edition and I believe it is still being
offered as a remainder by various booksellers.

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