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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 58

A few years ago (1990 or 91), I began to get headaches from Jade 403. I 
discovered that the formula had been changed. I also get headaches from the 
formula I tried from Wisdom. Talas somehow deodorized the jade, and I 
haven't tried it. My response was to locate elvase, which is now sold as 
[elvase?] 40705 by the Reichold Chemical company. It is the same formula 
used by Dupont before they sold the formula to Reichold. I get no headaches, 
and I like the properties of this pva: spreadibility, mixibility, drying 
time, strength, etc. I can't locate my information on the address of 
Reichold. They sold me five gallons some time ago, and I haven't needed 
more, but an enterprising book binder should be able to find it. If 
something smells funny to me and gives me a headache, I can't imagine it 
isn't bad. - pam barrios 

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