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Re: Henley's Formulas

Henley's book in all of its myriad manifestations is indeed a
fascinating book, but I would like to ask where one gets the
required ingredients?  They were no doubt available at the turn of
the century when the book was written at the local apothecary, but
where does one turn today for, e.g., oil of wintergreen, oil of
sassafras, oil of anise, and carbonate of magnesium if one wishes to
make Sarsparilla extract (actually, I *would* like to make this)?  Or
for the cholera remedy, where can I find tincture of opium, tincture
of capsicum, tincture of rhubarb, spirit of camphor and spirit of
peppermint?  Or, to look at the previous page, if I want to make my
own chewing gum, where do I send for a pound of gum chicle, a pound
of glucose, and a pound of caramel butter, to say nothing of balsam
of Tolu and balsam of Peru?

This is a more serious query than the tone of the above might 
suggest.  Where *does* one get the sort of stuff called for in old 

By the way, re the subject that started this all, there *are* several 
recipes for ink, including typewriter ink!  How about a recipe for 
laser printer toner, anyone?

Bob Maxwell

Robert L. Maxwell                           robert_maxwell@byu.edu
6380 Harold B. Lee Library                              or
Brigham Young University                        rlm@hbll1.byu.edu
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 378-4406

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