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Re: Henley's Formulas

Mr. Maxwell raises a common problem, I think, in noting the difficulty in 
getting ingredients for older recipes.  These days it is actually easier 
to get some herbal components due to the incresing interest in herbal 
medicines.  I find the local pagan/witchcraft store is an excellent source 
(shoplifting not a good idea here), but maybe there isn't one in Utah....
As for the more obscure, check with the chemistry dept. of your local
university or the nearest hospital because often these recipes use regional 
or folk names for a substance available or known now by another trade or 
product name.  Sometimes you don't need "oil of Simmons skunk weed" after 
all, just a modern alternative with the required active ingredient, though 
I grant you finding out what it is can be a big job!

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