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Call for entries: Dressing the Text: The Fine Press Artists' Book

From: Maureen Carey <mcarey@scilibx.UCSC.EDU>
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 19:52:11 -0400
To: pdv1@cornell.edu (Peter D Verheyen)
Subject: Call for entries: Dressing the Text: The Fine Press Artists' Book

 The Art Museum of Santa Cruz County and the Printers' Chappel of Santa 
Cruz invite all interested parties to answer a call for entries.

 STATEMENT: The past twenty years have witnessed an exciting period of 
experimentation as both the structure and the traditional uses of books 
have been scrutinized and re-evaluated. Conceptual book-objects have 
shattered conventions through exaggeration, distortion, elimination or 
substitution of the book's various aspects and have opened the entire 
nature of the book up to new and exciting investigations. DRESSING THE 
TEXT::The Fine Press Artists' Book represents to both the technical and 
philosophical challenges generated by this exploration.
 The fine press artists' book is a mosaic, but rather than a random 
collection of fractured bits, it is the thoughtful amalgam of text, 
image, paper, binding structure, typography and meaningful content. It 
acknowledges the sculptural form of the book, but remains preoccupied 
with content. The goal is an integrated, harmonious whole. The whole may 
be eccentric, the harmony dissonant, but integration is paramount.
 Fine press artists' books carry on the centuries-old tradition of fine 
printing while participating in the evolution of the book form. They 
acknowledge and reconcile the changes in perception and philosophy that 
have made such profound alterations in the understanding, appreciation, 
practice and definition of art in the late twentieth century.

 JURORS: The exhibition will be jurored by four members of the Printers'
Chappel of Santa Cruz: Ruth McGurk (Peripatetic Press), Felicia Rice
(Moving Parts Press), Peter Thomas & Donna Thomas, and Gary Young
(Greenhouse Review Press). The Chappel has met and exhibited
internationally since 1982 and jurors' work is represented in such
collections as the Museum of Modern Art, The Getty Center for the Arts and
the Victoria and Albert Museum. The jurors are all past students of
William Everson whose book, GRANITE AND CYPRESS is offered as a progenitor
and consummate flowering of the fine press artists' book. This exhibition
is dedicated to the memory of William Everson, 1912-1994. 

 EXHIBITION:  Thirty books will be chosen for an exhibition which will
hang in the Octagon Gallery, The Art Museum of Santa Cruz County from
April 15-May 28, 1995. Preparations are being made by the Museum to travel
the show nationally. 

 For information and entry forms, please send a SASE to "DRESSING THE
TEXT", The Art Museum of Santa Cruz County, 705 Front St., Santa Cruz, CA
95060 (408) 429-1964. 

 ELIGIBILITY:  Books completed in the past ten years, in a minimum edition
of ten. 

 Entries must be received by December 31, 1994. A catalog with essay and 
photographs of selected works will be mailed to all entrants. Entrance 
fee includes insurance and return postage.

 A series of lectures, workshops and studio tours will be held in 
conjunction with the exhibition. A two-day book structures workshop with 
CLAIRE VAN VLIET will also be offered through UC Extension. To receive 
information about the workshop please contact Linda Maxwell, Art and 
Humanities Dept., UC Extension, 740 Front St., Suite 155, Santa Cruz, Ca 
95060 or call (408) 427-6620.
| Peter D. Verheyen, Rare Books Conservator, Cornell University Library |
|                B-39 Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14850                    |
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