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  • Getty Center Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships, Kimberly Santini
  • formulas, Claudia Stall
  • Ingredients, Bryan.Draper
  • BOOK ARTS IN THE USA, By Richard Minsky, Peter David Verheyen
  • Call for entries: Dressing the Text: The Fine Press Artists' Book, Peter David Verheyen
  • Re: Henley's Formulas, ROBERT L. MAXWELL
  • Rustic inks, Peter David Verheyen
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 58, PCB
  • Homemade Inks, Bryan.Draper
  • Pioneer Cookbook Inks, Tom Trusky
  • Jade 403, TERRY
  • Book Arts Organizations, Peter David Verheyen
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 54, Marcel Lemay
  • poem, book_arts-l
  • linotype machines and whiskey, AFRICA
  • Kress Foundation Fellowships, Artemis Bonadea
  • CBBAG Newsletter / Books in sheets, Peter David Verheyen
  • drunkard professions, Beverly and Dan
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 49, Marcel Lemay
  • sewing cards, Bryan.Draper
  • more binderish verse..., Scott K. Kellar
  • Bookbinder's Tarnished Image, book_arts-l
  • Dard Hunter Annual Meeting, Beverly D. Allen
  • Paring blades / Publications, Peter David Verheyen
  • Re: Squirreling, Rebecca B. Stone
  • Archives Available on Gopher/WWW, Peter David Verheyen

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