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GBW Exhibitions

From: Artemis Bonadea <artemisb@muskox.alaska.edu>
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 14:18:32 -0400
To: Peter Verheyen <pdv1@cornell.edu>
Subject: Re: GBW Exhibitions


I wanted to comment on the catalog format question you put forth.  I've 
ordered but not seen the Chicago catalog.  It does sound interesting.  
>From my point of view, the two most important aspects of a good catalog 
are good reproductions (hopefully in color) and ease of viewing.  By the 
latter I mean, how can I store it and look at it.  In regard to the 
second point, I'm not sure I can support a poster format as I would have 
a hard time storing it.  I would probably wind up folding it (which would 
be very hard for the conservator in me to do) or cutting it into pieces 
and binding it somehow (more work than I want to do).  I do think there 
are alternatives to the expense of the catalog produced for the FINE 
PRINTERS exhibit.

I was in San Francisco for the Standards and heard some of the discussion 
concerning the issue of themes.  I think themes are fine if they're not 
used all the time.  I've enjoyed exhibits where the same text was used by 
different binders.  It's fun to see the different treatments of the same 

Three cheers for your work to get the GBW library catalog online.  Those 
of us geographically-challenged will be forever in your debt.


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