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Re: your mail

Hi Peter,
  I use an accordian style format to house portfolio items that I change
as needed - no sewing involved - just two hard covers with each accordian
page made up of two sheets of 1 ply board with a window cut out for
display. The sheets are folded and attached only in strips along the hills
and valleys allowing the display material to be inserted and held in place
with a couple of corners or just by pressure. I've had great success with
this format - it allows me a different style portfolio (not run of the 
mill), an interesting way of displaying my work and the ability to change 
the work displayed without having to create a new portfolio. If you're 
interested I'll send along detailed drawings.


On Mon, 3 Oct 1994, Peter David Verheyen wrote:

> somewhat constipated traditional binder myself I am finding myself seriously
> challenged in a graphic design class in which 25% of the grade is a book
> which we have to produce from beginng to end. Since I'm running a scam to
> get graduate credit for it I have to produce two items. What I'm trying to
> do is make a portfolio in a concertina format. It needs to be upgradeable
> so that as I produce new stuff, I can take out older things. Does anyone out
> there have any ideas for having a pocket into which one can slide photos on
> a background. The intended affect here would be to have the pocket w/cutout
> function as a mat. I would be thankful for any suggestions.
> Peter
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