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GBW Catalog

From: Artemis Bonadea <artemisb@muskox.alaska.edu>
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 13:35:25 -0400
To: Peter Verheyen <pdv1@cornell.edu>
Subject: GBW Catalog

On Mon, 3 Oct 1994, Peter Verheyen wrote:

>> Artemis,
>> I'm sure Pamela, will be glad to hear from ou. I think the library is one of
>> the most under utilized resources we have. I know I haven't used it.

>Book workers with access to collections, classes or exhibitions don't
>realize how much resources like the GBW library are necessary for those of
>us working from a distance.  I have used the GBW library but it will be
>even more accessible with the catalog on line.  The Canadian Book Group
>(whose entire name I cannot for the life of me remember) is another
>good source - especially for video tapes of the standards.  I've
>learned quite alot from from them.  It's the next best thing to being

The name of the Canadian group is the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists
Guild. Their newsletter is very good, especially in the articles about type
and small press books which they always seem to run. Their exhibition
catalogs are also very good. They have a show (still on tour) whose name
escapes me which puts our craft or art (yes this debate is still going on)
into a historical perspective. The catalog to this is very good intorduction
into the binding of the last 200 yrs.

>> I hope to see some of your work sometime.

>Believe me, I hope to show some of my work some time.  Part of this
>winter's project is to focus on a (first) limited edition and a  few more
>one of a kinds so I will have a body of work to put out there in the
>world.  I'll add you to my list.

Why don't you join one or two of the "lower 48 Chapters of the GUild
which have regular exhibitions, exhibitions which are wide open.

>Another point about the GBW catalogs.  I just received the CHB postcard
>catalog and I like it alot.  Once I had it in my hand I saw a couple of
>plusses I hadn't thought of before.  1) It would make a great display, for
>a teaching situation or educational display.  2) Because each book is
>separate, I can rearrange, compare, contrast to one another, or pull out
>two or three that are similar structure, etc.  I don't think every
>catalog needs to be like this but I do like it.
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