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concertina portfolio

From: RUPS@wmich.edu
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 15:30:28 -0400
To: pdv1@cornell.edu (Peter D Verheyen)
Subject: concertina portfolio

I thought I might share with you how I have done my portfolio. I use screw
posts like accountants use on their books. These can be visible or hidden and
allow for easy page changes. I mount items on both sides of each page using
invisible adhesive corners so that things can easily be removed for handling.
I cover this with a single sheet of mylar that folds around both sides of the
page to protect items from abrasion (the fold is on the outside edge, the top
and bottom edges are open, and the left edge is bound at the spine by the
post screws). The cover is a quarter cloth with Japanese paper on boards.

The problems I encountered with accordion bindings were these: people
invariably opened them incorrectly; unless display items are ALWAYS the same
size, you end up with difficulties in adding or deleting items; if they are
dropped, there tends to be more damage to the binding since it can twist and
turn a lot. Of course, if you use Tyvek for the hinges this will help, but
you still get damage where the Tyvek pulls off your board or paper. There
might be the problem of abrasion to consider, also, in an accordion binding.

Pamela Rups
Computer Multi-media Specialist
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Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI  49008
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