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Paper Technologies and Board

From: PAPERTECH@delphi.com
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 11:20:54 -0400

We have another product line called "Archival Boxboard" which we offer in 20pt.,
40 pt., and 60 pt. calipers, in sheet size 40" x 30" grain short.  The const
construction of the various calipers is achieved though laminating 20 pt board.
Although this product has been used as a binder's board, it's intended app
application is for construction of phase boxes.  Laminated boards do not make
ideal binder's boards because when they are struck "on end" they tend to split
along the lamination.  The Excel Binders Board is manufactured on a cylinder
machine resulting in a single ply 90 pt caliper board which is inherently e
tough and very resilient.  The question for Paper Technologies, Inc. is whether
the market can support a high end board like Excel.  If we find market ac
acceptance in 90 pt caliper, we will offer other thicknesses in the future.

Ralph Roessler / Paper Technologies, Inc.

P.S. Will send catalog and samples to your new address.
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