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APHA Meeting this weekend in New York

I haven't seen any notes here about the 19th Annual Conference 
(20th anniversary meeting) of the American Printing History 
Association, which begins this evening with a reception at the 
Grolier Club (5-7 pm), continues all day tomorrow at the 
Pierpont Morgan Library (registration 8:30 am) and has 
associated events all over New York  on Sunday.

An edition of 200 copies of "A Type Miscellany" has been 
produced celebrating the event, and contains broadsides by some 
of America's most distinguished designers/printers. It's 
available at the conference for pre-publication price of 
$94.50. After Oct. 8 it's $130. from

A Type Miscellany/APHA
P.O. Box 4922 Grand Central Station
New York, NY  10163

Proceeds will enable APHA to continue its programs.

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