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accessing your catalog

Responding to msg by 0006385936@mcimail.com ("Scott K. Kellar") 
on Sun, 9 Oct  7:19 PM

>I saw your info on BookArts but don't know how to 'copy 
>this URL to your WWW  Browser'. I have internet access, 
>and used the info in the search mode with  no success. 
>Any tips? BTW, I have recently had a group of my 
>bindings  scanned onto gif format- would be interested 
>in collaborating in creating an  archive of images.

Hi Scott-

1. If you don't have a www browser, such as the public domain 
NCSA Mosaic or one of the proprietary browsers now coming out, 
or an access like Pipeline which has its own browser, then you 
can't access images over the World Wide Web. Ask your internet 
access co. or, if you're institutional, ask your computer dept. 
Once you have the software and an appropriate phone line 
connection, you can use your mouse to "copy" the url to the 
browser "go" line just like you would any text. If this doesn't 
help, ask someone local who has experience to show you how. If 
your internet provider doesn't have this, you'll need to change 
providers, or go over to a friend's computer who has true 
web-browsing capability.

2. I am starting an online gallery at my web site. I haven't 
finalized the details yet, but I expect the base cost of 
maintaining a single "home page" with one image online with 
high speed 24 hour access, with descriptive information and a 
short bio, would be about $30/month. Setup will probably be $20 
for the first picture, with description and bio of some 
reasonable length, and $15 for each additional picture. If you 
don't have a gif I can do the scan easily enough from a 35mm 
slide, so it would probably add about $5 to the cost. I expect 
it will be about $20/month for each additional picture. This is 
for pictures of the resolution I am using, which is moderate. I 
don't maintaing high-res photos online yet, as modem speeds of 
14,400 bps make it an unpleasant wait for the person accessing 
them. (If people want higher res images of my work, I have them 
for sale.)

I will not be taking a commission on sales like in "street" 
galleries. Potential clients would contact you directly by 
e-mail, phone or fax. You could present work that is for sale, 
or examples of the type of work you do to encourage 

You could also have your own site with your logo, multiple 
pages of hypertext linked data and images, thumbnail pictures 
on a home page with links to higher res images, and an 
interactive response page that would e-mail directly to you 
from the web site. But it costs quite a bit to design it and 
set it up, as well as maintain it. A site like "Minsky Online", 
with 35 thumbnails, logo, 35 moderate res pictures, and several 
texts with hypertext links cost about $10,000 to develop, and 
about $300/month to maintain. It's still in development, but 
what you'll see now gives you a pretty good idea of how it will 

The cost will vary depending on how popular the gallery 
becomes. In this type of system you have to pay for every 
megabyte transmitted, so if you have a lot of inquiries or 
casual browsers it can get expensive. I expect the $30/month 
base cost will cover system and line maintenance and the first 
1,000 accesses of an image. But this is all very new and I 
don't yet know what all the real costs will be. Keeping in mind 
that there are maybe 30 million internet users, it is qite 
possible one might have 100,000 casual browsers of your image, 
and what happens if word gets out that it's interesting and a 
million users access it? I have no idea right now what that 
would cost, but it could be a lot of money. 

I expect to have prices I can commit to by next week, and the 
gallery should be on line by December, with full links to www 
search engines.

So those are my thoughts tonight abour your inquiry. I'm going 
to post this to the book arts list, as I suspect others may 
have your same questions. If you think you'd like to proceed 
and get your image in the gallery or your own home page set up, 
let me know. 


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