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Safety and Art Materials

Some help for Ms. "Stone" on books dealing with art
two books come to mind: "Health Hazards for Artists," Michael
McCann (from Foundation for the Community of Artists, NYC,
212/227-3770), published in 1975 and reprinted in 1978 and 1981), and "Safe
Practices in the Arts and Crafts," Gail Coningsby Barazani (from The
College Art Assn. of America), 1978.  There's also Ralph Mayer's 1970
"Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques (Viking, NY), Jerome
Siedleck's "Potential Health Hazards of Materials used by Artists and
Sculptors," from the Journal of the American Medical Assn. (6/24/68), and
a host of other books and articles dealing with specific pollutants,
contaminants and solvents.  And don't forget the Center for Disease
Control in Atlanta, for immediate answers about toxicity of particular

 Ann Alaia Woods

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