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Re: How to fix warped covers?

The probable cause of the warping of the boards is that the gain of the 
boards is opposite to the grain of the covering faberic.  This would cause 
the boards to warp as you have described.  Below is suggested that an 
additional text sheet be pasted to the inside board, I would suggest that 
grain, of this new pasted in sheet, run in the same direction as that of the 
cloth.  This would hopefully reverse the warping of the boards.
From: book_arts-l
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Re: How to fix warped covers?
Date: Monday, October 24, 1994 1:25PM

>On Mon, 17 Oct 1994, Jim Maxwell wrote:
>> I have just acquired a rather scarce technical book, printed in Japan in
>> 1954.  Both its front and back covers are uniformly warped, bulging 
>> from top to bottom, downward from side to side.  There is no evidence of
>> water damage either on the cloth binding or on the pages of the book. 
>> as if the cloth had shrunk, bending the covers smoothly in the process.
>> Can anyone give me a hint as to how to fix this problem, or who might be
>> able to fix it for me?  Although only 50 years old and probably not a
>> true rarity, I've been looking for a copy for over ten years, so I don't
>> want to simply put it aside and wait until the next copy shows - that may
>> never happen.
>>From your description it seems as though the covers are permanently
>warped, and I can't think of any remedy for that. The same sometimes
>happens with books printed & bound in England, in a constantly damp
>environment, when they arrive in steam-heated, dry U.S. spaces. If the
>book is not being bought for possible resale, but just for reading, I
>think the answer is to have the book re-bound.

As to your warped boards... It might work if you were to score or cut 
lines to the more pronounced warp ( cut into boards a0 and paste a 70-80 lb.
xt sheet over existing paste-down inside boards which when dry will pul 
flat... hopefully.    If you don't fell comfortable since the warp is in two
dirrections , contact a binder in your area.. It"s a simple think which
nt take any time.
 D  Sanders

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