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  • BAP, Terry Belanger
  • Bookbinding in Colorado exhibit, Peter D. Verheyen
  • BAP Publications, Terry Belanger
  • GBW Election, Peter D. Verheyen
  • Spring Workshop, Dina Schoonmaker
  • NE chapter meeting GBW, AFRICA
  • Coming attractions in Denver, Emily Epstein
  • Roycroft Symposium, PHILWH
  • Re: How to fix warped covers?, Peter D. Verheyen
  • position announcement, Peter David Verheyen
  • Artists Book Exhibit, Peter D. Verheyen
  • Book Arts in the USA Catalog, Richard Minsky
  • Ashbee exhibition catalog, PHILWH
  • ! Mosaic Netscape !, Peter David Verheyen
  • Safety and Art Materials, Ann Woods
  • What do you like about your job?, Peter D. Verheyen
  • accessing your catalog, Richard Minsky
  • Re: Henley's Formulas/Ingredients/Inks, etc., Ann Woods
  • MINSKY ONLINE: Bookbindings, book art, books, Richard Minsky
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 87, Marcel Lemay
  • APHA Meeting this weekend in New York, Richard Minsky
  • New Element Discovered, Peter Verheyen
  • C. R. Ashbee exhibition and lecture, PHILWH
  • Eco on micros, Peter David Verheyen
  • concertina portfolio, Peter David Verheyen
  • Paper Technologies and Board, Peter David Verheyen
  • GBW Catalog, Peter David Verheyen
  • Re: your mail, Maureen Carey
  • Re: Concertina/mat cut out books, evigneau
  • portfolio, JCANARY
  • Re: concertinas w pockets, John Charles
  • No Subject, Peter David Verheyen
  • PUL Fellowships, Peter David Verheyen
  • Fw: Burbank Book Fair, Peter David Verheyen
  • BSA Fellowships, Peter David Verheyen
  • Papermaking book exhibition, Peter David Verheyen
  • MAIL OPTIONS, Peter David Verheyen
  • Re: Fw: cba job opening, ALON
  • GBW Exhibitions, Peter Verheyen

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