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I was at the Guild of Book Workers "Standards of Excellence" conference this
past week in Dallas and it was announced that Bookways, a journal for and of
the book arts is going to fold if no one can be found to take over. I spoke
with Anita Pruitt (I hope I spelled her name right) yesterday about it, and
while beign hopeful that someone would be found to take over, there are
interested parties, she could make no promises. I would encourage everyone
who is a current subscriber to let her know not to give up the search. After
Fine Print folded several years ago it left a gapping hole and to have this
first rate publication go as well would be very hard to take. It is a
publication which is represents in evry aspect what the book arts should be
about, whether in it's design, writing or overall quality of presentation.

I will also be posting several additional messages over the next few days
describing the presentations giving at the "Standards" conference. The
presentors were: Frank Mowery on repairing vellum, Tim Ely on methods of
decoration for bindings, Robert Espinosa on a varitation of the limp vellum
binding, and Eleanor Ramsey on book edges and much much more. I would
encourage any of the subscribers to the list to post their impressions as
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