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Information on boardshears

                   Ohio University Electronic Communication

   Date:  04-Nov-1994 11:45am EST

     To:  Remote Addressee                     ( _mx%"book_arts-l@cornell.edu" )
          Remote Addressee                     ( _mx%"consdist@lindy.stanford.edu" )

   From:  Eric Alstrom                               Dept:  Library
          ALSTROM                                  Tel No:  (614) 593-0648

Subject:  Information on boardshears

   My name is Eric Alstrom and I am the Collections Conservator at
Ohio University's Alden Library.  I am looking for information 
regarding the type of boardshears list participants use and any
comments you might have on this matter.  Alden Library's Preservation
Department is in the process of purchasing a new shear and are 
examining the options available to us.  Currently, we are looking at 
a Vaggelli Model 080 (with a 31-1/2" cutting width).  
   What I would like to know is what kind of shear you currently
use, its dimensions (especially the cutting width), the floor 
space it occupies (including space for the operator) and any comments
on your particular brand/model or opinions on boardshears in general.
   I would appreicate any response you might be able to give and ask
if you might be able to supply this information as soon as possible --
our window of opprotunity is closing.  Thank you very much.

P.S.  I am cross-posting this to Consdist List and Book_Arts-L.  
I apologize for any duplication.

Eric C. Alstrom, Collections Conservator
Alden Library, Ohio University
Athens, Ohio  45701
Phone: (614) 593-1363
e-mail: alstrom@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu

Received:  04-Nov-1994 11:45am

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