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Virginia is for Papermakers!

Greetings all!
   In response to recent directly sent inquiry: I have not choked to death on
bookdust and fallen off the list, I still lurk in the shadows....

   I can't remember if I ever formally thanked you en mass for your comments &
suggestions, re:bookdusts , and if I rudely forgot, I wish to do it now before
getting to the point of my message. All of the input, both posted to the list
and sent directly was very helpful, and enabled me to get the topic of harmful
working conditions back into the open, if you will, at our library.  Issues of
health threats often take a backseat to the more obvious physical safety issues
and I think that the landslide of input I received helped make our case that we
can't neglect these things.  Again, thanks to all.

Now, for some news that should warm the hearts of bookbinders and papermakers
all.  There is a small bindery here in Alexandria that for years has been
in a small storefront near my homw.  Mostly, they sold marbled paper, datebook
type doodads, and did repairs and custom bindings.  Last year, they decided to
offer a papermaking class.  Then they offered a bookbinding class.  Now, they
have many many classes going, and have opened a second store in order to handle
the items that they sell.  The classes fill up fast (and appealllingly, they ar
e very small classes) and the art/craft of hand binding seems to be enjoying
quite a rennaisance in our area.  I haven't had the time/money (sigh) to take
any of their classes, but I hope to soon.  It's really great to walk by there
now at almost anytime and see a groups of students hard at work on their new-
found art/craft!  (The bindery by the way, is called the Florentine Book
Bindery).  I've noticed that the Corcoran School of Art in D.C. (minutes away)
is also staring to offer more and more classes of this ilk, as well!  And they
say there's no hope for our society!

   Rebecca Stone, American University Library
   Washington D.C.

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