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Re: Information on boardshears

I am a hand bookbinder and use a Jacques board shear with a 45" blade.
jority of materials you cut (e.g., the 31 and 1/2" blade you mention that you 
are looking out would cut 26 x 38" standard size binder's board), that should
be your guide to the right size for your use.  My 45" blade is nice because it
can handle 42" width cloth, but, of course, not the 54" width of many of the
Dutch cloths available.  As to other aspects of a board shear, I have found
that a right hand movable gauge is very useful, especially for cutting thin
strips of various materials, but that a sliding lefthand guide is not essen-
tial.  I use a heavy metal weight with an accurate 90-degree edge to mark my
place when cutting materials on my board shear.  I hope this information is
somewhat useful to you.
Barbara Blumenthal

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