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Position at Princeton University Libraries

Princeton University Libraries will soon have an opening for a  
General Collections Conservator.  See vacancy announcement below.   
This position is an excellent opportunity for a successful veteran  
collections conservator who wishes to help us continue to shape our  
growing and evolving general collections treatment program.  The  
person we hire will have an excellent track record as a supervisor  
and manager as well as a collections conservator.  This person will  
have the following skills (in random order):  be a people person, ie  
know how to listen to as well as to supervise unit staff; be an  
excellent communicator with professional colleagues in the  
Preservation Office as well as a preservation advocate to all staff  
throughout the entire library; have excellent handskills; be very  
proficient at using a Macintosh computer; be an excellent trainer  
both in conveying instructions concerning treatment procedures and  
techniques as well as the context within which treatments are  
performed; be a good writer as writing reports and memos ARE part of  
the job.  This person will subscribe to our general collections  
treatment philosophy: high quality (in terms of materials utilized,  
execution of the treatment/technical hand skills, and appropriateness  
and soundness of the treatment), aesthetics (how the item looks after  
treatment: it must look good, not simply be utilitarian and  
workmanlike), production (we work in a high production shop with  
treatment time standards established in-house as well as a point  
system which allocates treatment staff resources throughout the  
library system).  In other words, we want treatments which are "neat,  
quick, tough, and nondamaging."  At times the General Collections  
Conservator will also work with the Special Collections Paper  
Conservator on various projects related to rare book conservation  

The Princeton University Libraries are seventeen in number--the main  
Firestone Library and 16 subject libraries--and comprise 4.5 million  
books, plus a bunch of other stuff, most of it in special  
collections.  The Preservation Office is 4500 sq ft of mostly open  
space which was entirely renovated in 1992-93.  This includes  
custom-designed cabinetry and work benches and new conservation  
equipment.  The units which share this space are:  Collections  
Conservation (1900 sq ft), Special Collections Conservation (400 sq  
ft), and the Arabic Preservation (microfilming) Project (320 sq ft).   
There are now 12 work stations for general collections conservation  
staff, students, volunteers, and interns with 4 more currently under  
construction.  The rest of the territory is divided among office  
space (my own) and materials and equipment storage.  In other words,  
we have a clean, well-lighted place with one wall of windows.  We are  
also developing a large in-house reference collection of books and  
videos on preservation, conservation and the book arts as well as  
books related to special subject or format collections with our  
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.  Macintosh  
computers are de rigueur throughout the Preservation Office and every  
computer is networked with email and Internet access.  All the staff  
in the Preservation Office are highly skilled and motivated.  

Due to policy within the Library, we cannot post the salary of the  
position.  It IS directly related to the candidate's education and  
experience.  The candidate who meets our qualifications and whom we  
ultimately select will be offered an excellent starting salary.   
Anyone interested in speaking with me about the position may call me  
at 609-258-5591 or email at the address in the header of this  

Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Libraries


Position:	General Collections Conservator

Available:	Spring 1995

Description:	Administers and manages the Collections Conservation 	
		Unit within the Preservation Office.  This 		
		includes planning, organizing, and staffing all  
preservation activities for the physical care of the Princeton  
University Libraries general collections.  Specific responsibilities  
include:  sets treatment standards and production levels, including  
materials sorting, treatment decisions, workflow, documentation,  
inventory control, contracting, and quality assurance; manages  
computer-based point system which tracks and provides statistics  
about treatment production and staff resource sfor seventeen (17)  
libraries; acts as advisor to all library staff regarding damaged and  
deteriorated materials, including recommending treatment options,  
priorities, and courses of action; manages unit-specific budget for  
materials, tools, and equipment and maintains inventories of same;  
manages preservation activities originating from in-house  
microfilming and brittle books programs, including materials repair,  
disposition and storage of master negative microfilm, and contract  
preservation photocopying and boxing; provides assistance in disaster  
recovery, including staff training and supplies; treats materials  
from the general collections; supervises one professional and three  
full time conservation technical staff, plus students, hourly  
assistants, volunteers, and interns, including selection, training,  
and evaluation.  It is expected that the overall ratio of managerial  
activities to bench work will be approximately 60/40.  Reports  
directly to the Preservation Librarian.  

Qualifications:	Five years (5) experience in management or line 	
		positions in a general collections conservation 

		program in a research library, including three or  
more years experience as a supervisor and a demonstrated ability to  
successfully lead and manage a diverse staff, is required.  Current  
knowledge of and experience in ethics, practices, and techniques  
employed in the conservation of library materials, including broad  
knowledge and experience in bookbinding and book conservation, are  
required.  Advanced level ability in operating Macintosh computers,  
including extensive experience with Excel and PageMaker for  
collections conservation applications, is required.  Must have  
excellent interpersonal skills and work effectively with others.   
Desirable:  Completion of a recognized collections conservation  
training program or a formal apprenticeship, or demonstration of a  
similar level of education and training.  A masters degree from an  
ALA-accredited library school or book arts program, or the equivalent  
in training and experience.  

Benefits:	Twenty-four (24) vacation days a year, plus eleven 	
		(11) paid holidays.  Annuity program (TIAA/CREF), 

		group life insurance, health coverage insurance, and  
disability insurance, all paid for by the University.  Staff housing  
and University-sponsored mortgages.

Salary and  	Dependent upon qualifications and experience.  	
rank:		Position may be a Librarian position or a 

		Professional Technical Staff position. 

To ensure full consideration, candidates should send applications,  
including resume and the names, titles, addresses and telephone  
numbers of three references to be contacted, postmarked by February  
1, 1995 to:

	Search Committee for General Collections Conservator
	c/o Maria G. Gopel, Human Resources Librarian
	Princeton University Libraries
	One Washington Road
	Princeton, New Jersey   08544


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