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Re: Heat set press

Whenever I have used PVA for laminating it has been dry mainly because it 
prevents curling due to the fact the moisture and therefore shrinkage 
and expansion is long gone.

Using wet PVA may in some circumstances cause blackening or your 
laminates still to curl after pressing.

As far as temperature ranges are concerned (not knowing what 
materials you use) I would experiment with scraps and start with a 
fairly low temp. and try increasing gradually. This can also be 
inversley proportional to the time the objects are in the press so 
try adjusting times as well! (for cartridge we tend to operate at 
around 100 C for 1 minute)

Hope this helps. 

PS have we any clever uses no-one knows about for these machines?

Owen Bradford
Deputy Bindery Manager
The Robinson Library
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tel (+44) 091 2227663
Fax (+44) 091 2226235

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