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Visiting Princeton During ALA Midwinter

I would like to extend an invitation to my preservation,  
conservation, bookbinding, and book arts colleagues on the list who  
are thinking about or planning on attending the American Library  
Association's midwinter meeting in Philadelphia from February 3-9,  
1995.  On Thursday, February 2, the day prior to the beginning of the  
meetings, I would like to invite conference attendees to travel to  
Philly one day early to tour the Preservation Office at Princeton  
University Libraries.  A bus would pick you up at the headquarters  
hotel in Philadelphia in the early AM, probably 8 or so, and  
transport you to Princeton.  We are little more than an hour from  
Philadelphia.  At Princeton you would get a short tour of the  
Firestone Library followed by a full tour of the Preservation Office.   
After the tour, lunch will be provided.  Following lunch, folk are  
invited to continue to stay and talk shop or mosey around the lab,  
the library, the campus or the Borough, the main shopping area of  
which is directly across the street from the Library.  In the late  
afternoon, 4/5 PM or later, the bus would whisk everyone back to the  
morning pickup point.

Any takers?  I would like to personally hear from you.  Please email  
or call me with your interest in the tour by December 9 .  I will not  
conduct the tour unless a minimum of 15 folk sign-up.  Thanks.

Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Libraries
One Washington Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08544
telephone: 609-258-5591; fax: 609-258-4105 or -5571; 

email: milevski@firestone.princeton.edu

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