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Change in my URL address

For those who intend to look at my home page and associated 
pages on the WWW, it is undergoing revision and will have a new 
URL address:


There will be a new home page with different hypertext links, 
and I'm adding pages with Center for Book Arts general info, 
classes and workshops, faculty capsule bios, and publications, 
both CBA's exhibit catalogs and artists' books they can 
provide. I hope people will find this useful until CBA can get 
its own online system up. (They are getting a new phone line 
for the computer, because the existing multiline system doesn't 
accept input from the faxmodem.)

There will still be 35 medium resolution photos of my bindings 
organized in various ways, including hypertext linked to 
reviews of my 25 year retrospective exhibit. I just added 40 
more photos to my CD-ROM, and hope to get some of them online 
soon as well.


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