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Re: Change in my URL address

From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries

Re the Minsky home page and sale catalog:  The copyright notice on the
first page is not particularly apropos.  It states:

>All rights reserved. The images herein may not be reproduced
without permission, by any means, except for private non
commercial use, or for use by educational, scientific,
literary and cultural institutions. Please e-mail details of
such use to: minsky@pipeline.com<

In the first place, "reproduction" of the images is happening as the
browser puts the images up on the screen; and not only are they on the
screen they are in my computer memory in a different form.  This is
not pedantic; these matters are taken up in software
patenting/licensing/copyright law.  

Therefore, and in the second place, to email details of use to minsky
would be to flood him with messages such as "I looked at your home
page today and reproduced your images on my screen."  This is not what
he intends.

It seems easy to reproduce messages from one environment into another,
but in fact the law and intent both work differently.  The effect of
doing so is to seem pretentious rather than careful.  --pg

Peter Graham    psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu    Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08903   (908)445-5908; fax (908)445-5888

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