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Re: Fueki Paste

On Wed, 16 Nov 1994 19:10:29 -0500, 
Artemis Bonadea  <artemisb@muskox.alaska.edu> wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience with Fueki Paste?  It is purchased in a 2 
>kilo tub and is ready to use.  It seems to have an eternal shelf life 
>and  a mild perfume odor that dissapates fairly quickly.
>Artemis BonaDea, Conservation Technician
>Alaska State Library
>Box 110571
>Juneau, AK  99811
>907/465-2924 (voice)
>907/465-2990 (fax)
While recently at technician training at the Conservation/Preservation lab 
at UC Berkeley, I was introduced to Fueki paste.  Great stuff!  Easy 
to works, no smell, easily thinned with water, water reversible, a 
small amount goes a long way, very effective, and, best of all, no mixing 
or cooking.  At the lab, we used it alone for sizing small areas of paper 
as well as for application of Japanese papers.  Paper repairs, hinges, and 
guarding folds using the Japanese paper all were successful.

Did you want/need the formula?  I have a copy given to me and I can send one
to you or put it here on the list.

Claudia Stall, Head
Collection Preservation/Mendery
San Diego State University Library

Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

(619) 594-2591

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