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Re: Fueki Paste

On Fri, 18 Nov 1994 08:33:56 -0500, 

>By all means, post the recipe for fueki paste!!! Thanks, Clara Keyes

Carla, et al.,

I have a list of ingredients used in Fueki paste by Fuekinori Kogyo Co. 
Ltd.as supplied by Kimura Framing & Gallery, Inc. 1933 Ocean Avenue,San 
Francisco, CA  94127-2795. (415) 585-0052   Not sure if this is exactly a 
recipe, though.

1. Ingredients:

  Natural Starch                  18.00 weight percent
  Antiseptics                      0.30  "      "
  Age-resister                     2.07  "      "
  Perfume                          0.03  "      "
  Neutral salt                     2.24  "      "
  Water                           77.36  "      "


  Viscosity (at 30 degrees C)    60,000  -- 110,000 cps
  P.H.                           6.0  --  6.6
  Solids Content                 21.0  --  23.0 percent
  Specific Gravity (at 20 degrees C)  1.082
  Freezing Point                 under -5 degrees C

3. Toxicity

  Feuki paste              Non-toxic
  * Acute oral toxicity of mouse LD50 over 20,000 mg/kg

In October of this year, the cost was $50.00 per kilo from above 
address.  As far as I know this is the sole source for the product.

By the way, does anyone have a similar data sheet for the product called 
Bob's Book Plate Remover ("Wetter-water")?  I have requested the 
information from the company (Rulon-Miller Books Box 46, Bristol, RI 02809) 
but have had no response so far.  We are currently using it to reverse or 
at least release PVA.  Looks like water, has no odor, and is fairly easy to 
use.  I would like to have more information about it, like the long-term 
effects on paper, etc. if anyone has experience with it.


Claudia Stall, Head
Collection Preservation/Mendery
San Diego State University Library

Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

(619) 594-2591

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