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Re: Bone folders

If you want real hand-fashioned bone folders, from real bone, they can 
be had from Jim Croft, Box 211, Santa ID 83866. He lives in the 
mountains, so you can't phone him up. He trades old Chevy parts to 
hunters who bring elk bones (clavicles) down from the hills. They 
make very smooth folders. He also makes amazing bone folders from 
lignin litae (not sure about the spelling here--very very hard and 
somewhat rare wood), of a dark-brown/green color. I have two of his 
elk and two wooden ones that I treasure.
By the way, he will be teaching a class in making these kinds of tools 
at the next Paper & Book Intensive, May 17-26, 1995, at the Penland 
School in Penland, NC. I'll post the PBI brochure when it's ready in 

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