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Catalogues online

As of December 8th, Wilsey Rare Books,  has a functioning World Wide Web site. 
Included is our most recent catalogue and short-lists of new arrivals in
stock. As we specialise in the book arts, I thought that this would interest
members of the list. In order to view this information, you will of course
need a WWW browser, although if you lack this software, we  soon intend to
have our catalogues available for FTP retrieval  at the same location. The
address of our site is as follows: 


Please note that the search engine on the home pages is not yet finished - our 
provider doesn't currently support the necessary software. We would appreciate 
any comments. New catalogues will be posted  here at the same time that they
are mailed, and regular updates listing new acquisitions will be placed. 

                           Edward Ripley-Duggan  
                            WILSEY RARE BOOKS
             Phone: (914) 657-7057     Fax: (914) 657-2366
                         Compuserve:  76427,2455          

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