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Recycling Inks

I have just recently subscribed to this mailing list to lurk for awhile and
see what it's all about. I have been in the printing trade for about 16 years
(education included) and while I am a commercial offset printer, I've always
loved all aspects of printing.

I have a question about the usefulness of offset printing inks in producing
etchings, engravings, woodcuts, and lithographs. The point is that at this
time of the year, I purge our oil-based ink inventory (based on the Pantone
system) of all inks that are dated 1990 or older. For offset printing, these
older inks can cause hickeys and are usually more trouble than they're worth.
I have them dumped into our waste ink barrel for inceneration by a company
that charges us ($350/30 gallon drum) for there proper disposal. Are these
inks useful to any other type of printing as I would rather donate them to a
worthy cause than pay for there removal?

If there is anyone on the list here in the Seattle area who would like them,
e-mail me or if anyone has a comment, please respond. They are in 1# cans and
I will probably end up with 100 or so cans.


Ken Likins                    -  If "if"s and "and"s
Seattle, WA  USA                where pots and pans,
kennyl@aol.com                      we'd need no tinker trade. -



Terry Belanger  :  University Professor  :   University of Virginia
Book Arts Press : 114 Alderman Library : Charlottesville, VA  22903
Tel: 804/924-8851  FAX: 804/924-8824  e-mail: belanger@virginia.edu

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