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Goudy's Sheep

>Date:         Sun, 11 Dec 1994 09:09:00 PST
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>Subject:      Goudy's Sheep
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>To: Multiple recipients of list GRAPHICS
>I was wondering whether anyone out there was enough of a type-related trivia
>historian to clear up something without going to a lot of trouble.
>There are two commonly quoted Fred. Goudy quotes re: sheep rustling. The
>first (less common; I place it first only because I had read it first) is
>"Anyone who would letterspace blackletter would steal sheep." The second
>is the same quote except about lower case rather than blackletter. I am
>inclined to believe that the first is the "real" quote and the second a
>misquote. I have seen specific citation (occasion, date, etc.) on the first,
>although I have not seen contemporary first person citation. Also, we are
>basically conservative beings and tend to believe that whatever we saw first
>is right, original, proper, etc. and any subsequent variation is wrong,
>derivative, heresy, etc. (In other words, I have no idea whether I believe
>it simply because it is something I believe.)
>I haven't made any real effort to hunt this down, so don't go to any trouble,
>but if someone can answer this easily, I'd appreciate it.
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