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Re: Goudy's Sheep

in case anyone was interested, Peter

Mon, 12 Dec 1994 08:12:00 PST
To: Multiple recipients of list GRAPHICS <GRAPHICS%ULKYVM.BITNET@uga.cc.uga.edu>
Subject: Re: Goudy's Sheep

I though some of you might be interested in this. I put the same question
about Goudy's sheep stealing quote out to Typo-L. In addition to the
information Kimberly posted (thanks), Freek Wiedijik provided the following
Jan Tschichold seems to have fought a private war about
letterspacing lower case.  In German speaking countries, it
used to be common to have _letterspaced black letter_ as a
secondary type in books set in in black letter, like
_italics_ is used in books in roman type nowadays.  The
reason for this was that black letter has no italics, and
text in black letter capitals is completely unreadable, so
there is not much else one could use.

This habit sometimes was also followed in books in roman
type: i.e., there too letterspaced lower case was used as a
secondary type.  This is what Tschichold seemed to have
fought.  (Note that capitals and small capitals _should_ be
thinly letterspaced.  It's the _lower case_ that one should
leave alone.)

Maybe this is were the change in the quote came from: because
the habit of letterspacing lower case was more common and was
considered more despicable, that form of the Goudy quote was
found more appropriate.


I have great respect for Spiekerman as a designer; he's smart, interesting,
and a captivating speaker. And I just plain like the guy. However, I've
never figured out what all the bubbling about his -Stop Stealing Sheep- book
was all about. I assume, however, that the book's popularity has added to
the quoting of the misquote.


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