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GBW Newsletter / Officers on Net

Just a quick announcement. The October 1994 issue of the GBW Newsletter has
now been mounted on the COol gopher server, Palimpsest.stanford.edu, under
Newsletters. Please check it out and give your feedback. As time progress we
hope to mount more items, such as the study opportunities list and library
catalog. While the library will only lend to GBW members the Study-Ops list
is a great resource for anyone interested in learning the book arts hands
on. It is organized by state. Membership in the Guild of Book Workers has
many other benefits as well, conferences, a Journal which is now up to date,
and a great way to make new friends and network.

Also several of the officers of the Guild are now accessible vie email so
anyone can make suggestions or voice concerns, or even give positive

President: Karen Crisalli===KarenC5071@aol.com
Exhibitions: Peter Verheyen===pdv1@cornell.edu
Library: Pamela Spitzmueller===Cadpamts@uiamvs.bitnet
Lone Star Chapter: Priscilla Spitler===70703.104@Compuserve.com

As time progress we hope more will joint this "virtual community."

So, please feel free to check out our Newsletter.

| Peter D. Verheyen, Rare Books Conservator, Cornell University Library |
|                B-39 Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14850                    |
|     <wk> 607/255-2484 Email: pdv1@cornell.edu <fax> 607/255-9346      |
                                || ||
                               ooO Ooo

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