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I understand that there was a query about prints-l in book_arts-l
today. I subscribe to book_arts-l, but I get the digest form so I
haven't seen if there were any answers to the query. In any event, here
is a "canned" announcement for the group. We now have a membership of
about 160. Discussion is sporadic. Most recently there has been discussion
of collotypes and screenprinting. Membership seems to embrace many 
printmakers as well as curators and historians.

-- Steve G.


Announcing Prints-L Devoted to the study of historical and contemporary 
prints and multiples.

PRINTS-L has been created to promote the discussion of prints and 
multiples (such as etchings, engravings, woodcuts, screenprints and 
lithographs). Artists, art historians, curators, collectors, students, and 
others interested in print lore are invited to participate. 

To subscribe send e-mail to LISTSERV@UKANVM.CC.UKANS.EDU or 
LISTSERV@UKANVM.BITNET with the one line:

   SUBscribe PRINTS-L your real name

in the body of your text, using your _real_ name, not a computer i.d.

Owner: Stephen Goddard  goddard@falcon.cc.ukans.edu

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