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Uses for a crimping machine

                   Ohio University Electronic Communication

   Date:  16-Dec-1994 02:18pm EST

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          Remote Addressee                     ( _mx%"consdist@lindy.stanford.edu" )

   From:  Eric Alstrom                               Dept:  Library
          ALSTROM                                  Tel No:  (614) 593-0648

Subject:  Uses for a crimping machine

First, I would like to thank all who answered my previous query
regarding board shears.  We have found the shear of our dreams and
are in the process of purchasing them (a 40" reconditioned Jacques).

Second: Now that we have to make room for these new shears, we are 
looking at our limited space and wondering what we can get rid of!  
We have a crimping machine (phase box maker) taking up alot of space
and it is currently only used as a table.  In the past our lab has
tried to use it for making phase boxes but with little success -- 
students and technicians did not like to use it and often it did not
make a clean fold.  Also, since we are not longer using 
traditional style of phase box, we have even less impetus to retain
this bulky machine.  

What I would like to ask the binders and conservators is what are you 
using crimping machines for (especially for uses other than phase box
making) and what success do you have with it?  And would anyone be
interested in buying a crimping machine?  ;-)

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!

Eric C. Alstrom
Collections Conservator
Alden Library, Ohio Unversity
Athens, Ohio

Received:  16-Dec-1994 02:18pm

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