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Re: Introduction

>Resent-Sender: biblio-request@iris.claremont.edu
>On Fri, 16 Dec 1994, Jamie K. Syer wrote:
>> I also run a small (_very_ small) letterpress operation in my basement
>> called the 'Springbank Press' with which I try to recapture some of the
>> magic and creativity associated with type set and printed by hand.
>> I'd be interested and excited to learn if anyone else in the biblio group
>> shares these interests.
>Yes, believe it or not! I have several presses in my house, including an 
>Improved Pearl press of 1899 and a small Albion press. I print from time 
>to time, but my main interest is printing history. I have a book 
>currently in print (_American Iron Hand Presses_) and more to come. What 
>kind of a press do you have?
>--Steve Saxe
> Stephen O. Saxe     sos@westnet.com
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