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Dear Book Arts,
I have a question about opportunities in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)
area.  I'm a poet, with a number of works I'd like to translate into
prints/broadsides.  I'd like to collaborate with a younger brother,
who has some background in art (he studied painting at the U of M,
and ran a storefront gallery in Minneapolis for a while). However
he lacks training in printing/book arts.  He has also been in rehab/
treatment for manic-depression, which he has been dealing with for

Here's my question: are there artist/printing collectives or
training programs in the Twin Cities which provide
apprenticeship/training/volunteer opportunities?  I will be
in Minneapolis for the week of Dec.25 - Jan. 1 & would be happy
to visit/meet with anyone or any groups involved in this area,
who are not scared off by the stigma of m-d & who might be
looking for a talented part-time volunteer, or who provide
regular teaching programs.

Any information will be much appreciated. Thank you--Henry Gould

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