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Re: Bookplate remover, etc.

>Could anyone tell me where to buy "Bob's Wetter Water Book Label Remover?"
>And/Or: does anyone know of a better product for removing bookplates? 

I have an address that I copied off the label.  I recently sent two letters 
to the address asking for technical data on the product but received no 
response.  I have reluctantly removed it from use for the time being as I 
do not know much about it.  I works very well for releasing PVA and other 
adhesives.  The adhesive still must be scraped off but it is softened by 
the product.  If you are able to find and data on the product, please pass 
it along.*See additional information below.

Rulon-Miller Books
Box 46
Bristol, RI 02809

HOWEVER, I just tried to get a phone number and was told nothing under 
either Rulon or MIller appeared.  Hmm.  Perhaps that's why I got no 
response to my inquiries. 

Wow, this is beginning to be a mystery!  I took about an hour and went back 
over all our ordering forms since 1989.  In Oct 1990, I located 
correspondence regarding an order not shipped.  Attached is a copy of a 
letter from the company:  "...Thank you for your intrest in Bob's Book 
Plate Remover.  It comes in three sizes.  8 oz. jar $14.00, 4 oz. $7.75 and 
2 oz. 4.00  Made from an old family recipe for leather bindings and other 
leather products, contains neatsfoot oil, wool tallow and beeswax.  If you 
are intrested please contact us a either address:

P.O. Box 46 Bristol, RI 02802 or Red Hook Box 41, St. Thomas, VI 00802"  It 
is signed Rulon-Miller Books by: "A. Hansen"  Note: "Can't send when 
freezing temps."  

I called Virgin Islands information and there is no listing for 
Rulon-Miller Books on St. Thomas.  The postal service for Red Hook, VI is 
809-775-5262 and they may be able to give additional information.  There is 
a listing for A. Hansen on St. Johns Island, VI at 809/776-6073 but nothing 
for Rulon-Miller Books.

I would be intrested in finding out what you learn.  Good luck! 

>Also, could anyone suggest a good way of removing stylus-written shelf numbers 
>from the spines of de-accessioned books? The old formula of much scratching,
>rubbing, solvent, etc., always leaves an ugly discoloration on the cloth.  
>Richard Smith
We always used that old scrape and hope method, too.  Recently, I was 
informed that amonia would work better.  I have not yet tried it but 
certainly plan to do so. I usually need _very_ small portions altered or 
removed so I'm not sure how to go about it.  Perhaps just a Q-tip and 
amonia carfully applied will do.

Claudia Stall, Head
Collection Preservation/Mendery
San Diego State University Library

Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

(619) 594-2591

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