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Re: Uses for a crimping machine

Gene:  we belong to the same list, i.e., book arts.  in fact, i saw
your recent response ( as i went through the 76 messages that awaited 
me upon my return).  the crimping machine would be a nice addition to 
my collection, but is not on the top of my list.  because of space, i 
am forced to be more selective right now.  but somewhere in my future 
i am sure there is a crimping machine too.  we purchased one for the 
lab several years ago and turned out very nice phase boxes for our 
rare collections.  they are made by Hollinger, but the workmanship of 
ours was really very shoddy.  i think that jack could turn out 
something much more functional.....

how was the rest of your vacation?? i hope all went well, that you 
are rested, and ready to start a new year.  i promptly got sick...a 
strange sort of cold/flu, that presently disappears during the day 
and reappears as soon as i return home.  

there is a month's worth of work piled on my desk. so far, i haven't 
even made a dent in it.  i am off in the ozone.  we are sorting out 
the collections i picked up in california, a big job but fun.  have 
to run now..(i've got to sneeze!)...talk with you soon........madelyn

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