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RE: Joint Tacketing

Yes, I'm talking about the method that Robert Espinosa described.  Could
you tell me more about how you did it?  What kind of drill did you use
and what size bits?  What types of materials are included in your "wide
range?"  Any types of materials you stayed away from (flaking leather,
spines that you couldn't lift the covering from, etc.)?  How do you space
your tacketing stations?  Would you know where I could get copies of Don
Etherington's handouts?  Japanese tissue repair of bindings is another
subject I'm very interested in learning about.  It and tacketing are
goals for my performance review for the year so the more I can learn
about them the better.

Nancy Edstrom

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, Peter David Verheyen wrote:

> WOuld this be the method described by Robert Espinosa? If so yes I have
> tried on a wide range of materials and it works really well. With it you can
> securely reattach the boards of even larger books (I do think there is a
> size limit though, somewhere) before doing the Japanese paper repairs. It is
> nearly invisible as well which is a plus.
> Don Etherington who helped pioneer the Japanese paper repair of bindings had
> some very good handouts which were distributed at the '91 Guild of Book
> Workers Standards Conference. Other than that I haven't seen anything
> published. Another good person to contact about that type of repair is Frank
> Mowery at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington. He gave a
> presentation on doing the tissue repairs on vellum bindings at this past
> Standards Conference in Dallas. Same technique, but with some variations.
> Peter
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