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paper for color photocopying

I am beginning to experiement with using color photocopying to create
books.  I have talked with my local photocopier and, while their
experience with the photocopier is good, their knowledge of paper is
not.  They use slick laser paper in two weights.  The light weight
registers as acid-free using the abbey pen method, the heavier weight,
which is the one I would like to use, registers as acidic.

Anyone out there with experience in this area?  I'd love to hear more
about paper, especially brand names of paper used successfully and/or
acid-free.  Also, any hints on working with the machine or operators (i
doubt I'll get to play with it myself for a long time, if ever).

If you'd rather talk then type, send a number and I'll call you.

thanks in advance.  artemis

Artemis BonaDea, Conservation Technician
Alaska State Library
Box 110571
Juneau, AK  99811

907/465-2924 (voice)
907/465-2990 (fax)

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