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Re: paper for color photocopying

>In response to your question about laser/copier papers, I strongly recommend
Abbey Publications' booklet on acid-free papers. It is available for $7 from
Abbey Publications, 7105 Geneva Dr., Austin, TX  78723. Papers are listed by
type (such as copier) as well as by company name and paper name. I have used
the Weyerhauser cougar opaque for black and white copying, in both 60# and 70#
weights, and both work perfectly well in standard copiers.

There is a company which markets many types of paper specifically for laser
printers and copiers. Most of the papers are packaged in 100 sheet boxes, and
you have no control over grain direction, as you would if placing a bulk order
from a paper distributor. However, they have a nice selection, the number to
call is 1-800-A-Papers.

If you have concerns about the toner fusion, you can perform a test using 3M
drafting tape. Please reply to me directly for details about the test.
> Clara Keyes aka c.keyes@msuacad.morehead-st.edu

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