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Re: paper for color photocopying

Rives lightweight paper is very good.  A book of mine was printed
letterpress with illustrations a year or so ago.  Craig Jenson,
BookLab (1606 Headway Circle Suite 100, Austin TX 78752 (512)837-
0479) did the photocopying and binding.  Since both letterpress and
illustration were on the same sheet, Craig struggled a bit.  But the
technique was mastered and all in all was very successful.

I have used color photocopying off and on for the last five years.
My first experience, letterpress printing within a color-copied frame
was disasterous (with the deadline a day away, I started printing on
the color-copied sheets.  Even though there was no image where the
letterpress was to be, the ink refused to adhere.  it is funny now,
not then.)

I deal with the problems of abrasion by fixing the image with Krylon
Crystal Clear spray (do not use Krylon Matte or others, since as far
as I know, only the Crystal Clear is considered "archival").

Madelyn Garrett
Rare Book Curator
University of Utah

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