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Re: Position Announcement

Thank's for the info on Baton Rouge, LA, position in Printmaking/Book
Arts. Please tell me where or how you first learned of this opening! I
have not seen it listed in either the Chronicle of Higher Educ listings on
Internet or in CAA announcements.

For your interest, I directed the Logan Elm Press & Papermill at The Ohio
State University from 1979-1994. It was closed last May by the Provost due
to extreme fiscal troubles; OSU lost over 80 million in annual cash flow.

As a swan song event, and with help from a strong "friends" organization
established to support the Press, I mounted an exhibition of teaching
presses, including Ctr. for Bk Arts in NYC, MN Ctr for Bk Arts, Iowa Ctr,
CCAC,Col Col, Wiscon's Silver Buckle, Pyramid, Vis Studies,et al. If you
would like a catlogue with handmade paper cover printed from polymer
plates generated from  Mac file, please send your address. No Charge, eh!

Thanks again. I'm wisking off my ap today!

Bob Tauber
918 Caniff Pl
Columbus, OH 43221
614/459-3086 v
        3090 f


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