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IMEC, In Octavo, and l'histoire du livre

From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries
Subject:  In Octavo, IMEC, l'histoire du livre

Twice a year I get mailings from France on the history of the book.  I
mentioned here _In_Octavo_ a couple of years ago when I first got it.
It is a newsletter, gratis, published by a consortium (it appears) of
several organizations in France and Germany dealing with the history
of the book.  The most recent mailing prompts the following notices as
being of possible interest to readers of this list:

1.  "_In_Octavo_, Bulletin international d'information sur l'histoire
du livre et de l'edition" is published twice a year; issue 6 is to
hand, "automne 1994" but arrived 1.19.95 and consequently some notices
of events a bit en retard.  20 A4 pages, it is "publie par la
Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'homme (Paris) / le
Max-Planck-Institut fur Geschichte (Gottingen) / et l'institut
Memoires do l'edition contemporaine (Paris) / pour le Reseau
International sur L'Histoire du Livre et de L'Edition"; I hope I may
be pardoned for not knowing who is doing what, really.  The return
address on the envelope is IMEC, 25 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris, and
they appear to be a book publisher as in each mailing is their catalog
or other announcement, always on bookish issues.  Write to this
address for your own copy and subscription or to order the books noted

The newsletter contains announcements of events and activities in the
book world internationally; they solicit announcements from anywhere
and appear to include what they get, certainly from all over western
Europe and North America.  Next issue deadline is 1 Mar 95.  The
headings "Lieux," "Equipes", "Activite's", "Publications" are either
in French with a brief English abstract, or vice versa.  Each issue
has an editorial in French, often by Chartier.  This issue's by him is
on "L'histoire du livre entre Nord et Sud" in which he notes the
"essor magnifique" of book history in northern/western Europe and the
USA, but the lack of organized programs in the south of Europe and
Latin America.  He goes on to note however a number of specific
projects taking place in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brzil and Mexico and
Argentina, and urges that attention be paid.  "Tout est-il donc pour
le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possible de l'histoire du livre?
Peut-etre pas."

2.  IMEC announces a new series, "In Octavo", which (their
translation) "aims at publishing books on research in the history of
the book and the history of publishing particularly international or
comparative studies."  Series editors are Hans Erich Bodeker, Roger
Chartier, Otto Lankhorst, David McKitterick and Ian Willison.

The prospectus in this mailing announces two upcoming books (200F
postpaid by subscription in advance by 31 March, 230F later):  both
have contents in French and English.  Extensive contents are provided.
They are:

Histoires du livre:  nouvelle orientations: Actes du colloque du 6 et
7 septembre 1990 (Gottingen) sous la direction de Hans-Erich Bodeker.

Histoires de la lecture:  un bilan des recherches:  Actes du colloque
des 29 et 30 janvier 1993 (Paris) sous la direction de Roger Chartier.

Each is 400-450 pages, and similar suspects are represented in each:
Jean-Francois Botrel, Bodeker, Lodovica Braida, Frederic Barbier,
James Raven, David Hall, Henri-Jean Martin, Roger Chartier, Lotte
Hellinga, Ian Willison, Renato Pasta, Daniel Roche, Don McKenzie,
Robert Darnton, etc etc.

To appear later:  Lecture en Russie, ed. Alexandre Stroev; and
Les litteratures de colportage dans l'Europe des xvie et xixe siecles,
ed. Chartier and Lusebrink (1991 Wolfenbuttel).  And more.

With the hope that this has been of interest to at least some of you,
I remain, fidelement -- pg.

Peter Graham    psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu    Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08903   (908)445-5908; fax (908)445-5888

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