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In Octavo

Enjoyed reading your message about "In Octavo."  I'm happy to say we get
it at the Providence Public Library, though the latest issue has not yet
arrived.  We also get a rather similar news magazine, "Nouvelles du Livre
Ancien," which is published by the C.N.R.S. and the Bibliotheque Nationale
with the "concours" of the Direction du Livre et de la Lecture au ministere
de la Culture et de la Communication et de l'Association des amis des N.L.
A.  It has book reviews, notices about exhibitions and conferences and
notes and queries from readers.  It is beautifully printed, and until quite
recently it was free.  My French isn't very good, but I think they are
asking 80 F a year for members of the Association des Amis des Nouvelles du
Livre Ancien and 250 F for institutions and benefactor members.  Does Cornell
get this one?  I meant to say Rutgers, of course.  If you want more info let
me know.  I'll fax you something.  Best wishes, Phil Weimerskirch <PHILWH@

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