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Re: professional leather splitting/ paring

Dear Steven Hales:
I have used Lomelis Bros. for years to split goatskins, primarily for
the purposes you want, i.e., to have presplit skins for labels and
other uses.  They are very good and usually prompt in filling an
order.  Their minimum charge is now about $50.00, but I think this
charge is for any amount up to at least 4 dozen skins; you could
inquire of them about this.  You need to tell them the weight you
want the skins skived/split; for labels, I usually request that they
split to just under 1 oz.  You could also send them a small sample of
the weight you want, and they will match it.
Barbara Blumenthal (professional bookbinder and library assistant,
Smith College Library Mortimer Rare Book Room)

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> Subject:        professional leather splitting/ paring
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> Has anyone used Lomelis Bros. for leather splitting? What did you think
> of them? How was the leather when they were done with it? What kind of
> leather did you have done? Anyone have any suggestions for other vendors?
> I was thinking about having a couple of goatskins done so I would have
> pre-pared labels and onlays.
> Steve
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